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Welcome to the first page of the Xpedia, home to the fundamental information of PokeXation: Rewritten Chapters. Use the boxes below to navigate the page, a good place to start would be the first article, the "Beginner's Manual." If you don't feel like scrolling, you can use the Ralts at the bottom of each article to teleport you back here!

Beginner's Manual
What is PX?

Beginner's Manual

First off, welcome to PokeXation! PX!

Whether you're a guest trying to decide if you should join, (the answer to which is obviously Yes!) or a new member trying to find your way around, you've stumbled upon the right document!

Because of the complexity that PokeXation is, we have tons of information about most of our mechanics. This can be overwhelming for new players, therefore, if you want to simply scan the articles to get the gist of the information, then come back later and read it through, that is perfectly fine with us! Be sure to read all the information on a subject before attempting to perform it!
Optional (but still recommended) articles will be marked with an ( * ).

1. Xpedia
The Xpedia (this page) is the first page you should go over. It includes information such as the Plot, Setting, and Rules. Everything on this page is extremely important to the foundation of PX, so you'll definitely want to read all of it!

2. Character Information
Once you've finished the Xpedia, the next thing you'll want to do is click the stick figure in the top-left sidebar. This will take you to the character information page. Here you'll find the Professions, Occupations, Skills, and Mentors. You need to know all of this information to make your character, but you can skip over the more in-depth part of the "SKILLS" section for now.
2a) Canon Characters
Of course it's been about a century since the stories that we all know and love, but if you're interested in your character being a descendent of a Canon, check this thread out.

3. Character Creation
This next one is up to you. Once you've read everything up to this point, you have my permission to Create Your First Character! However, if you'd like to continue reading and learn more about the site's mechanics before you do that, I certainly won't stop you. When you click the link, go to the "TEMPLATE" thread and follow the directions there.

4. Pokemon
Ready to learn how we interact with the creatures that make up our genre? Click the pokeball in the top-left sidebar to get started. This article contains information on Domestic and Feral Pokemon, *Mutations, *Levels, *Evolution, Attacks, Abilities, and *Breeding. Remember that if it's marked by an ( * ) it's not immediately required to read.

5. Mechanics
Before you start roleplaying on PX, there are a few things that you need to know about how the site's mechanics work. Specifically information on Posting, Travel, Time, Shops*, Plants*, Food*, Tech*, Recipes*, and Weapons*.

6. Map of Mi-aro
Check out the map of Mi-aro!

7. Item List
Surely by this time your mentor has asked you to choose your starter items. Where do you find those items though? In the Items List of course! Check here to find a list of all available items and their descriptions. While you're at it, you can also find all the plants that have been discovered and doucumented in the "VEGETATION" thread.
7a)The Global Market
Another easy way to access items and their descriptions is to click on the (Pokecoin symbol) in the top-left sidebar. This will take you to the Global Market where you can also buy items.

7. Before You Begin
Finally, read this post to check whether you know everything you need to or not. Once you have, you're ready for your first post!!


So What is PX-RC??

PX-RC is a play-by-post Pokemon roleplay. If you are familiar with these terms, please feel free to skip forward.

"Roleplay" is a term that defines becoming another person or character. So a play-by-post rp is basically you creating and becoming a character, then doing whatever with him or her via storytelling. The point of it, other than the fact that it's just plain out fun, is to aid in your ability to write, as well as give you an enhanced sense of imagination. Now, there are a great number of other Pokemon RPs out there, so why is PX-RC one of the ones that you should choose? Well, every site has a different style. Ours is also different, though not necessarily better than others. Below is a nice, little list that just sums up a bit about our style.

1. Semi-Realstic/Statless
The only "stats" that your Pokemon have are levels. This means that the only thing that really defines a Pokemon's strength is how you use it. Moves like Tail Whip or Growl require more creativity to make work.

2. Semi-Freeform
For many things here, the only need you will have for a moderator will be to Spawn and Confirm. There are things that will require a sort of Player-Mod-Player style however. Such as discovering new land or founding settlements.

3. Account per Character
Each character has a separate account, this is because we have a monetary system connected to the board. It's also encouraged to have an OOC account, but this is entirely up to you.

4. Lots of Freedom!!
Yeah, your character can do pretty much whatever the heck he or she wants on here. Form an organization (such as a pokemon league or gang), own a store, found a settlement, become president/prime minister/dictator, get married, discover new species of pokemon, and the list goes on.


The Last Years on PokeEarth

The fires spread wildly, but they were only following the trail of disaster laid out before them. What was the point of fighting anymore? Citizens of PokeEarth awed in horror as their home slowly deteriorated into a vast nothingness. Each pleaded to the god of their own belief, but every single cry seemed to fall on deaf ears. Human and Pokemon alike began to lose will to live, and how could they not? Everyday another percentage of the population crumbled. Earth became a brown planet. It was over. The remaining peoples sat and quietly awaited their doom.

Creation of the Legend Portal

A twinkle? It was a whisper of hope. From below the people watched as three bright stars gleamed in unison, even visible in the sunlight. Each and every soul stood on their toes, had their prayers been answered? Suddenly, the three stars vanished, and the entire atmosphere of the once great planet was washed with a divine white light. There he stood, the creationist Arceus, in the flesh to all people. His voice seemed to appear as a vivid mesh of unseen colors, was this the so-called rapture?
"I now stand before you in grief and mercy. This beautiful planet has taken her last breath," he paused and bowed his head, "you may no longer live here."
The people of Earth all seemed to gasp at once, many with tears already flooding their face.
"Silence." His tone both kind and firm, "I am offering you but one more chance." Arceus rose his head and erupted in a powerful roar. Once more the stars twinkled, and from their location three dazzling Pokemon appeared. The Creation Trio. Palkia, Dialga, and Girantina began to orbit their king. "You will be gifted a new world to colonize, but be forewarned, for though this planet may seem as your Earth of old," he quieted his voice to a terrifying whisper and spoke simply, "it is not."
With that, the trio circled Arceus at a godly pace, and the four seemed to explode in an array of splendid color. Then, the colors imploded back to their origin. The result was a marvelous circular frame composed of precious unearthly metals and captured the shapes of the trio; Dialga to the left, Palkia to the right, and Girantina creating the platform. The frame touched the ground - it shared the same omnipresence as the legends - and seemed to draw every living creature to it. As they approached the frame the center flooded with a sea of color and absorbed the creatures.

Terra Nova

A mass of approximately 9000 people and pokemon stood on a gently sloped bluff. Not a single creature could move as they stared at the terrific Legend Portal. What was to happen now? It seemed as if hours had gone by without a person speaking. Then, a man found his way the the very front and faced the innumerable crowd. Everyone knew who he was of course, a descendant of Oak and one of the most prominent researchers the Earth has every known, he specialized in mutations. He needn't say a word before two other world-renowned persons made their way beside him. One, a woman who had no shortage of talent, as she was well-versed in the ways of politics, military, and her personal specialty of foreign affairs. The other, a man known far and wide as the "Rocket Man," who took over the infamous group and adopted their frugal ways in an attempt to pull the world from its economy plummet.
Oak spoke, "We have been given a beautiful gift. Arceus heard our pleas and has saved us." He pointed behind the crowd. There was a massive and healthy open plain behind them, a few trees and bushes spotted the area, but not much else. "Here we make our stand, we will cultivate this land as our own." Beside him, the ambassador spoke up.
"But this time we will learn from our mistakes. This world will be treated with nothing but respect."
With a simple nod, the Rocket Man grabbed Oak's hand, and he the ambassador's. Still not a word was spoken. The legion watched as the three people raised their hands high. They had been saved. Given another chance. Given another life. Tears fell from the eyes of many, as each person and pokemon did the same. It was time to start anew.

PokeXation is set 25 years after these events. There are still people on Earth, who somehow missed the port, but they are slowly finding their way to Mi-aro. Unfortunately, the Legend Portal is a one-way work, so no going back to find loved ones. The only other settlement to be formed since then is New Pallet. However, the two settlements are quickly becoming crowded, so the population is working much harder to found more settlements.

Settling the Land
Most of the time since mankind first came through the portal has been spent setting up shop. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Port City. Much debate was initially put into the location of the capital-and-birthplace of the new human world, but eventually it was decided that leaving a breadcrumb trail for possibly-sick-or-injured stragglers through the portal to follow was simply too risky. With enough to survive on and hope enough to be able to gather and transport resources, the human resource was deemed society's top priority.

That said, there are not a great number of trees around Port City, and most of them seen sparsely through the streets and outskirts now were brought here from further out. Thus, lumber took a good while to locate and transport, and stone took time to cut and lay. Moreover, each time the city needs to expand farther, it must first push the Pokémon population back a little bit farther. It took a little time before the 'encampment' moved up to 'settlement', but it was years before it could properly be called a 'city'. (Technically there's no one to trade with to need a port, either. Neither stopped them from naming it Port City. This is what happens when Quercus Oak is left in charge of naming things.)

Once humanity was properly settled, it could begin focusing on rebuilding other lost things, including supplies necessary for Pokémon trainers- naturally deemed vital in this world filled with violent Pokémon. Years of research and development went into finding a regularly sustainable means of creating PokéBalls out of Mi-aran materials, and only moderately recently were they deemed mass-produceable enough to begin stocking regularly in stores and providing the next generation of up-and-coming trainers with a means of actually catching things to train. Prior to this, domesticated Pokémon who had come through the portal often changed hands, and some trainers even bred Pokémon to keep as best they could without PokéBalls. However, there was an exceedingly limited stock with which to catch and tame any native Pokémon. This explains the sudden influx in trainer-based occupations twenty-five years after landfall, and why there aren't more tamed ferals around town. But now that trainers can venture into the uncharted territory armed with their teams of Pokemon, the ColiniXation can finally begin.


The Setting

Mi-aro is very similar to PokeEarth in many ways, but still a completely different being. Pokemon, plants, and the elements themselves have all taken different evolutionary paths, some still very similar, but ultimately this a world of unkowns. However, there are a few things we do know after being here for 25 years.

Mi-aro revolves around a star named Hio in the Goldilocks zone making it inhabitable by humans and many known Pokemon lifeforms. The surface is roughly 60% Oceans, 30% Land, and 7% Freshwater. The other 3% is of an unknown entity. There are two satellites (moons) of roughly the same size, however, while one orbits at about the same distance that PokeEarth's did (this one is known as Iliad) the other is almost half of that distance which causes it to look twice as large and is known as Odyssey. There are 9 other planets in this Hyoan System and the constellations seen from Mi-aro are completely different from those of PokeEarth. Of course, neither of these have been studied much as there are more immediate discoveries to be made on the planet itself.

Mi-aro's atmosphere is similar to Earth's, its oxygen levels are a couple of units greater, however. Also, the planet is untouched by sentient beings. The combination of these two elements has allowed vast jungles of overgrown vegetation and Pokemon to evolve. Inectiods and reptilians seem to gain the most from this. According to earlier explorers, huge bug Pokemon swarmed forests and swamps while reptilian Pokemon matched the size of PokeEarth's prehistoric dinosaurians. Unfortunately these explorers had no evidence of these events and no monsterously sized creatures have been spotted since. Still, you can't help but wonder...

Researchers have found their way up to, what is assumed to be, the center of the large continent. The northern mass is blocked by a dense jungle that is currently unable to navigate through while the eastern portion is separated by a large set of mountain ranges, it is agreed that researchers are not yet prepared to take on this obstacle.

For now, the only area the Mi-aro Emissary is interested in settling is the southwest area on which they arrived. This particular region has a nice temperate climate year-round with a moderate amount of rain and almost no snowfall in the winter. There have been few natural disasters save a small tropical storm here and there.

The current goals are the exploration of new territory, expansion of the colonies, discovery of new Pokemon, food, and other entities, and most importantly, the preservation of the PokeEarthen colonists.



In order for everyone to enjoy the forum equally, we've established a few guidelines to keep the masses in check!

1. Play Nice.
Simple enough. Roleplays are meant to be fun. Rude comments, petty arguing, and the like will result in warning. Constructive debate is fine; just keep it civil.

2. Flaming/Trolling/Cyber-Bullying
Any form of direct, ill-intended, intolerant expression will result in warning, suspension, or banishment. Any form of indirect hateful expression will be dealt with on a case by case basis, with probably at least a 'hey bro, this is why that comment isn't cool, please don't do it again'. Characters can be terrible people as long as they don't seem like personal outlets.

3. Inappropriate Content
This includes porn, emulators, and anything illegal. If it is not considered appropriate by the Proboards TOS, keep it out.

4. We are PG-14
Cursing and semi-graphic violence is permitted as long as it's not abused. Mild sexual innuendos are allowed, but keep things fade-to-black or implication-only, nothing graphic.

5. Powerplay and Godmodding
Basically, don't play anyone's character except for your own without explicit permission. There's a difference between a reasonable assumption and just flat not giving someone time to react. Also, don't play the whole "invincible" thing as it's not really fun for anyone. As a general rule of thumb, characters who excel in one thing should have shortcomings elsewhere to balance it out.

EXAMPLE A - Assumptions. Let's say Ana and Mia have been walking side by side for several posts.

EH.. - unnecessarily drawn out:
Ana attempts to take Mia's hand. Mia then must post stating that it happens. Ana then actually takes it. Mia then reacts to it being taken.

GOOD - a safe assumption:
Ana's player recognizes Mia may or may not be receptive, but assumes that at their distance Mia would have to have superhuman reflexes to avoid it. Thus, she simply takes Mia's hand. Mia then reacts.

BAD - action overload:
Ana takes Mia's hand, dances around with her, then goes on a long monologue before giving Mia a chance to react to even the first of those things.

EXAMPLE B - Character Balance.

GOOD (actual example)
Endre is strong enough and large enough to do hand to hand combat with most Pokemon around his size or smaller, and has a good amount of experience with the wilderness. However, he is not very knowledgeable about Pokemon or training or 'book knowledge' in general, his size can be a bit of a detriment for things requiring more finesse, and he is not very ambitious.

GOOD (actual example)
Amber is a self-proclaimed 'walking PokeDex' who can tell you average heights and full movesets off the top of her head... at least for domestic Pokemon. Mutations both big and small and Mi-aro-only species still elude her, and for all her knowledge she is not well-informed about many other aspects of the wilderness. She is also not very strong, either physically or as a trainer, given she avoids combat.

BAD (fake example)
Mary is much stronger than she looks- strong enough to punch out dragons. She knows everything about Pokemon and always has the latest up-to-date information on all Mi-aran species as well. She knows all the survival tips and never struggles even in the harshest wilderness. But she's also clumsy (but never when it would be an actual detriment) and socially awkward (which isn't a big deal seeing as she rarely interacts with other characters). These flaws could be fun if played better, but still don't balance all her perks, heh.

6. Word Count
There is no required amount of words for you to use in most of your IC posts (see the Threads thread). However, it is asked that you try to average at least 2 to 3 nice paragraphs and give your RP buddy or Mod something to work with. Please do remember though, Quality trumps Quantity every time. There's occasionally a case where less is more, and sometimes you just really need to get through a rough spot to get your muse back. Just try to be reasonable.

7. Literacy
We require the use of correct English spelling and grammar. Although we understand that some have disabilities, we simply cannot bend this rule. If you are actively working towards getting better, send the staff a PM and let us know, we can work with players who want to improve, but we will not work with "I can't."

8. Money
We use a monetary system. You will earn money by posting both in general and by reaching various landmark posts. Players may sell items and Pokémon and even things like artwork to each other as well as buy things from the NPC 'shops'. Because players can buy from and sell to each other, they can send money to each other. Do not transfer money between your own characters unless a noted in-character transaction is taking place. Donations are meant for players buying things from each other. Characters must earn their own money. Brand new characters meant to be more 'well-off' may have money transferred from a players's older character(s) as a one-time event with admin permission, but must then proceed earning all their own money. Abuse of this system will result in the loss of money transferal privileges for everyone, so please don't.

9. Mod Requests
On PX, you must post in the Mod Requests after Every Post in order to be updated (including new Character posts). This creates a kind of queue and allows each mod to help assist each player as quickly as possible.

10. Have Fun!
That's the point of RP, you know!