All the Pokemon native to Mi-aro that did not have known counterparts on PokeEarth will be listed here. Species and info about them, including where to find them and who discovered them, are listed as they are discovered by Mi-aro's trainers. They are listed in order discovered with the latest discoveries being listed first!

Please note that many older trainers may have SEEN species that are not listed here, but in order to be listed at least one must have been CAPTURED. As PokeBalls were only recently able to resume being mass-produced, there were very few entries before the year M25 (RP year 1).
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Pokemon who did exist or have relatives on PokeEarth but who have major, known differences or variants on Mi-aro will have those differences and variants chronicled here. This does not include very minor assorted mutations, like some Pokemon being bigger than average or having somewhat different patterns in their markings, etc, as such things are fairly common in most species.

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