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You can find most of the information for PX by clicking the "X" in the top-left sidebar labeled Navigation and following the Beginner's Manual. Other bits of information, typically the kind that expands as the players discover new things, will be found here.
When new updates or events take place, they will be posted in this board. Not to worry though, even if you don't check here often, announcements will be pasted on many other areas of the forum.
Basically the IC "announcements." In here you will find the archives of all the research logs and new findings of Mi-aro.
Have a longer question to ask? Spot a typo? Have an idea for something that should happen? Post it here!


Once you've read through the information, enter here, grab the template and create your character!
Once you're character admission is accepted, it will be moved here and you can begin roleplaying!
Store a log of your Pokemon and items in your Personal Computer after receiving them from your Adviser.
Here you can keep track of your character's timeline, when they were where, where they did what with who, why they caught what and how? You don't have to take advantage of this, but it does help keep us organized and on spot ;D
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Need a Mercenary to get you to New Pallet? Perhaps a Researcher to help you discover how to increase your Pokemon's beauty? A Merchant to sell your loot? Maybe even a Survivor to find a missing person? Try here! Also valid for asking for a Character's family members, rivals, friends, etc to be made.
Plot with other people and whatnot. Have fun.

RP Extras

Free stuff anyone? Promos are usually given out for holidays, special events, or for keeping the member-base at bay to avoid mutiny. Ahem. Free stuff.
These contests are typically OOC and can range from recruiting to designing banners, or even an X/Y tournament! Winning, placing, and even participating have rewards and benefit for you and your characters.
After collecting data make sure to log in your personal journal and get it checked. Once a log is confirmed, the information will be Broadcast to the rest of the world.
All stores owned by players, be it permanent or mobile - service or product, will be found here.
PokeXation gets most of its rep from being a Player-Driven world. So, we took one of our best qualities and expanded on it! Come create new additions to the Mi-arean world and leave your mark!


The largest, and only, city of Mi-aro. Port City, named for being the location of the Legend Portal, is the first area of the planet that all new residents will encounter. There are many important buildings located here, including the Emissary, Laboratory, and the Global Market.

Surrounding Areas: Earth, Route 1
Named in blessing and remembrance of the Earth's Pallet in the Golden Age. This is the second largest settlement in Mi-aro. A large windmill stands in the middle of the settlement that houses one of the larger research facilities on the planet. The town is located on top of a high hill and is surrounded by sparse, but healthy vegetation. To its north there is a small crystal clear lake that supplies the town with fresh water.

Surrounding Areas: Route 1, Route 2, Route 3

Routes & POIs

A rough path the leads up the hill to New Pallet. Be careful when straying off the path as many mole-like Pokemon inhabit the area and it has an enormous amount of potholes, some very large. You will also encounter the mysterious Mirror Lake here. The freshwater is so clear that you can see your reflection perfectly, but there is an odd supernatural air about it. Tread carefully.

Surrounding Areas: Port City, New Pallet
Take a step off the high New Pallet hill and you'll find yourself sliding into this muddy valley. The area is very moist and has an abundance of low-standing shrubbery. Watch out, because there are also areas of what we essentially know as "quick-sand."

Surrounding Areas: New Pallet, Uncharted Territory
If you're looking for an easy path you've finally caught yourself a break. This entire area is very fertile thanks to the Crystalline Pool that feeds the surrounding environment. The pool is very deep and it is said that "magic" crystals grow from the bottom.

Surrounding Areas: New Pallet, Uncharted Territory
In the mood for exploring? Sounds good. All the areas that have yet to be found reside here. Make sure to read the rules here before posting.

Time Travel

Here you can play out things that have happened deep in your character, NPC, or Pokemon's past. These are purely for purposes of storytelling and will not affect their current inventories or parties in any way. However, you do still earn a few coins per post. You can set these threads anywhere within PokeEarth or the already discovered areas of Mi-aro.


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Introduce yourself to the rest of the forum! Tell us a little about yourself, how you found us, and get to know some of the members! If you plan on taking a break, a notification here would be lovely as well ~
All you're random conversations and whatnot can go here.
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All things Arty can go here. Paintings, sprites, drawings, compositions, poems, whatever you'd like to show off or get help with!
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Let it be known that the -Advertising- section of this board may be dropped at any point.
Inactive topics will be moved here to keep clutter down.
Members from V1 can ask for any of these to be revived.

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